Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentine's Day Craft: Yarn Heart Ornaments

We are right in the thick of our Valentine's Day crafting.  Today we are making yarn heart ornaments. 

These little ornaments are super easy (and cheap) to make and when you're done, you've got a great addition to your Valentine's Day decor !  They can be a little messy but they're a great sensory activity. 

What You Need
Yarn cut into varying lengths (this is a great time to use up yarn scraps)
White Glue
Wax paper
A permanent marker

Mix up two parts glue to one part water in a bowl

Put out a large piece of wax paper with hearts drawn on it with permanent marker. You want the hearts to be large enough that the kids have room to work.  I aimed for the size of my hand or a little larger. 

 Have the children put their yarn into the bowl and mix it all up until all of the pieces are coated in the glue.

Now they can pull the pieces of yarn out one at a time, take off the excess glue and arrange them inside the heart on the wax paper. 

Once they've finished arranging their yarn, set everything aside to dry.

When the glue has completely dried, carefully peel the wax paper off.

String the hearts onto a long piece of yarn.

Hang up your creations and enjoy!

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