Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Our School Day Routine and Class Schedule {and my first free printables!}

I am flakey. I have a hard time sticking to anything for more than 10 seconds and before I had kids (and for a long while afterwards), I was extremely disorganized.  It sounds like I'm the perfect candidate to home school, right?

I freely admit that I have to work very hard to have things run smoothly in our home (and often times, that still doesn't happen).  I like to have a schedule written out and posted where I can see it.  It's nice to check in as our day progresses to ensure that we're on the right track.  

My schedule is an ideal and at least 80% of our days don't look exactly like that.  I'm far to distractable to stay that regimented and truthfully, if you put too much emphasis on your schedule, I think it can end up being a bad thing.  It should be more of a guideline.  Make sure you leave room for unexpected play dates, to follow your child's sudden burning desire to learn about llamas and to clean up the huge bag of rice that your toddler is now making snow angels in.  

To me, one of the best things about home schooling is that you can make unexpected changes to your day with no major issues.

While there are times written down, I almost never follow them exactly.  I don't wear a watch and certainly don't check the time all that often.   If I am within an hour of the time written down, I consider that a success!

With all that said, here is what our ideal day will look like once school has started.  Except there should probably be 10 minutes after breakfast spent looking for a very specific pair of socks that my three year old absolutely must wear.  And 15 minutes before quiet time will likely be spent trying to get the baby to sleep.  Oh, and there are definitely 5 minutes in there somewhere that I hide in the bathroom and eat chocolate.  

free homeschool printable
I also like to have a class schedule posted so that I know exactly which subjects we will do on each day.  I colour code them so I can read it quickly and easily.  On my schedule, blue is a subject that everyone participates in; pink is just B; green is just W. 

free homeschool printable

These two sheets of paper have been a huge help in getting our home school days running smoothly.  If you would like to print these out and use them (they're blank so you can fill them out with your own information), please click the links below! 

***Terms of  Use: Before you download the pages, please agree that you will not share these files directly via social media, email, blog posts, etc. If you would like to share them (and I hope you will!) please link directly to this post with this link address:

Please do not sell or change these files in any way. 

Thank you!***

Class Schedule Printable

Daily Routine Printable

This is my first time offering printables so go easy on me!  I'm usually more of a "make it for myself and hide it away when people come over so no one sees my sub-par photoshop skills" kind of girl.  I've been practising though and I think these ones looks pretty sweet!  What do you think?

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