Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Reading Goals {and free Reading Log Printable}

We've finally found and visited the new (to us) library!  It's kind of exciting to have access to big city libraries.  There are so many books to chose from!  Now that we have our very own library card, we've set our reading goals for the year.  I'm excited to see how we do!

Reading Goals for the Kids

This year we're aiming to read 50 chapter books.  I'd like to include a wide variety of genres and subject matter including lots of living books about Canadian history and geography.  

I like to work off of book lists because...well, because I like lists and I might be a little bit obsessed with checking off boxes.  We will be choosing books from Sonlight's Core B Read AloudsSimply Charlotte Mason's Book Lists and Simple Homeschool's Top 25 Read Alouds.  We will also be choosing many books from The Canadian Homeschooler's History Through Living Books List (this is such a fantastic resource for Canadians...I highly recommend checking it out).

B and I have agreed that she will read one book that is at her reading level each week.  She isn't very confident in reading independently yet so this was more than she wanted to do at first but I think she will warm up to it quickly! 

Reading Goals for Mama

I'm setting goals for myself this year in the hopes that my box checking compulsion will motivate me.  I love to read but often find myself too "busy" to do it as much as I should.  So my goal is to read 100 books this year.  I am starting with BBC's Book List Challenge.  I've read only 15 of them so this should keep me busy for quite a while! 

I've made up a reading log printable so that we can track our progress and I will share it below.  Click on the image to download it.  

***Terms of  Use: Before you download the pages, please agree that you will not share these files directly via social media, email, blog posts, etc. These are for personal use only! If you would like to share them (and I hope you will!) please link directly to this post with this link address:

Please do not sell or change these files in any way. 

Thank you!***

Reading Log Printable

I'm so looking forward to cuddling up on the couch and reading with my four favourite little people. 

Any good book recommendations?

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