Monday, 11 August 2014

Our School Room Tour: A Dining Room School Space

Our table really is the centre of our home.  We gather here for all of our most important moments and this is where many of our daily rituals happen.  We come together with friends and family to break bread and have great conversations.  We play games and create here.  Our table has seen so much laughter and love and many of my favourite memories happened sitting right here.  It's such a happy place that it seemed natural for us to bring our school here as well.

We are moving in three weeks and it will be so sad to leave this space behind.  It's not all that aesthetically pleasing (that was my goal for this year before I knew we were moving) but its very practical and we all love to sit here together!

Here is as much of our space as I could fit in one shot!  Apparently a 50mm lens isn't a great choice for showing off our home!

That table was the first piece of furniture that Ryan ever made!  I love my farmhouse table!

I try to always have a vase of flowers and a candle on the table.  Having a pretty space makes things go much smoother, I think!

On the one wall is our calendar, weather and emergency contact stuff.  Our Waldorf alphabet cards were bought locally at Go Green Baby and I love them!  My husband made the chalkboard for less than 20$!

On the far wall, behind the table, we have an old hutch that holds over sized books that don't fit in our cube shelf and over sized papers (kite and watercolour paper).  On top, I keep our math scale, paper roll (from Ikea), craft caddy (from Michaels) that holds our pens, pencils, markers, etc.  This area is also our seasonal display.  I try to keep the chalkboard up to date and the kids do a seasonal painting to hang there.  Our nature table is on top of the construction paper organizer (also from Michaels).  It's looking a little sad right now since some little people have been stealing things from it! 

We hang our aprons, the broom and dust pan and other cleaning supplies here as well, for easy access. 

My mom gave us this jam cupboard which is used to hold all of our craft supplies.  The top shelf has chalk and paint brushes in mason jars, our scripture memory box and pencil sharpener.  The next two shelves hold craft supplies organized into boxes that I bought at Ikea.  

The rest of our books and curricula are on our Ikea expedit shelf.  I use file boxes to keep work sheets and notebooks together.  The cloth storage bins hold manipulatives and non- book supplies.  One for language arts, one for math, one for science and one for games and puzzles.  The bottom row of shelves is for the baby.  I try to change the toys out every few weeks to keep things fresh.  We usually keep a basket of musical toys underneath the guitars as well.

 That's it!  I will have to post pictures of our new space once we're settled in at my parents' house.  We'll be sharing a space with my mom and all of her scrapbooking supplies.  It will be interesting to see how it all pans out!

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