Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Easy St. Patrick's Day Craft: Paper Roll Leprechauns

 We have been very interested in leprechauns, especially since we heard that they know where to find a huge pot of gold!  Our leprechaun traps haven't been very successful so we've decided to make our own instead.   You can make your very own easy paper roll leprechaun too!

Easy St. Patrick's Day Craft

What You Need:

  • toilet paper roll (we painted ours but that's not absolutely necessary)
  • green and black construction paper
  • yellow buttons
  • orange wool roving
  • glue
  • scissors

I did the paper cutting ahead of time to make things easier.  You'll need two green rectangles that are wide enough to wrap around the toilet paper roll (leave a little extra for gluing) and high enough to cover roughly half of the tube.  Our rectangles were approximately 2 x 6 inches.  You'll also need two black rectangles of the same width but they should only be about half an inch in height.

For the brim of the hat, I traced around the circumference of the tube then drew a larger circle around that.  Cut out the circle and the inner circle, leaving a donut shaped piece. 

Now the kids can start!

Have them glue some roving around the top of the tube to create hair.  Make sure to leave a little bit of free space at the top for gluing the hat on.

 Have them cover one green rectangle in glue and wrap it around the bottom half of the tube to make the leprechaun's suit.  They can glue one black rectangle to the middle for his belt and add a yellow button belt buckle.

Next they should put glue along one edge of a green rectangle and wrap it around the top of the tube, just above the hair.  They can add the black band and yellow button just as they did before.  Next they can slip the green circle over top of the hat to create the brim.

Now you can add his face!  We chose to use googly eyes and draw on the mouth.

And there you go!  Your very own leprechaun!  Hopefully he can lead you to that pot of gold.  ;)

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