Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Our first day back to homeschool!

Our first day of school was Monday.  Given all that has been going on around here, it went relatively well!

True, I didn't get any of the morning meeting sheets printed.  No, I didn't put together the pre-school activities that I had planned.  And yes, I completely forgot to unpack the painting and craft supplies.

BUT I'm still calling it a success.  There's nothing wrong with easing into things, right?

We started the day out with a new not back to school outfit.  I want to give them the experiences that I enjoyed most as a child during the back to school season and that ever so important first day outfit was always one of my favourites!

I put their brand new (empty) morning meeting binders and pencil cases with their very own school supplies on the desk for them to find. They were very excited about that! The idea is that they are responsible for their own things this year.  We will see how successful this is!

After we finished lessons, we went out for our traditional first day of school lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sun!

It was lovely and low key and there were no melt downs (those started the next day).  B even told me she thinks this year won't be "so boring, like last year".  

I guess I'll take that as a good thing! 


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