Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A look at our 2014

2014 has been a pretty good year for us!  Here's a little recap:


Ryan turned 28 this year.  He has at least five grey hairs (coincidentally, that's one for each member of our family).  He enjoys sleeping and quiet.  He does not like tomatoes or push ups. 

Kalista turned 27 this year.  She does NOT have any gray hairs and continues to look younger than she is.  She enjoys sleeping (but gets significantly less than Ryan) and knitting.  She does not like temper tantrums or laundry. 

B turned seven this year.  She lost 4 teeth this year and looks ridiculously adorable with the top two missing.  She enjoys reading and using her new art set.  She does not like good byes or days that are too bright.

W turned 5 at the very end of this year.  He alternates between wanting to grow his hair long like Rapunzel and cutting it all off.  He likes telling people that he is five and Rainbow Dash.  He does not like vegetables or the book "The Secret Garden".

A turned 3 this year.  She would wear a princess dress every day if she owned enough of them.  She likes playing dolls and cheese.  She does not like wearing pants or running. 

R celebrated her first birthday this year! She has yet to reach 20 lbs. but don't let that fool you...she's tough!  She likes climbing and getting into things.  She does not like sleeping or when her siblings touch things that she doesn't want them to (so...basically, they're not allowed to touch anything). 


  • We spent most of the late winter/ early spring snuggled up on the couch, in front of the fire, reading the entire Little House series. 
  • We managed to keep our chickens alive through a ridiculously cold winter. 
  • We jumped in a lot of puddles, spent a lot of time at the park and explored the fields in our backyard. 
  • We sold our house.
  • Ryan joined the military.
  • The kids and I moved in with my parents.
  • We said a lot of goodbyes (to our friends, our church, our dream house, the chickens)
  • We made lots of wonderful new friends. 
  • We got better at keeping in touch (though I still have a lot of improvement to make there). 
  • B started learning to play the piano and the cornet. 
  • I continue to be indecisive about how I want our homeschool to look.  
  • We spent a wonderful Christmas with our amazing family.  
2014 has been a pretty wonderful year.  2015 will bring a lot of change for us but I'm looking forward to all of it.  

Happy New year, friends.  My prayer is that we all have a year filled with peace and love!

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