Saturday, 11 October 2014

This Week in Preschool: Thanksgiving Theme

This week was our Thanksgiving Theme in Preschool.  It's a little early for you American readers but us Canadians are celebrating this weekend.  I'll enjoy some turkey and stuffing for you. ;)

Preschool Thanksgiving Theme
Thanksgiving is... - Gail Gibbons
A Pioneer Thanksgiving- Barbara Greenwood
One is a Feast for a Mouse- Judy Cox
An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving- Louisa May Alcott


Using cinnamon play dough, we made turkeys.  Along with the play dough I set out card stock beaks, feathers, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.  

It was a short week for us this week because we spent two amazing days at a friends' farm.

Baking: That will be happening this weekend as the kids and I help grandma prepare for our Sunday dinner.  
Painting/ Drawing: I printed out this how to draw a turkey page for the kids.  They traced the steps in the boxes and then attempted their own.  

Craft: The kids have been very interested in plasticine illustrations since seeing it in a book last week so we tried our hands at that this week.  We made Thanksgiving turkeys. 

The worksheets I used for this week all came from this Thanksgiving Printable Pack.  We used the pre-writing, shape tracing and cutting practice pages from the tot pack. We also did a Turkey Do a Dot page

Don't forget to check out my Thanksgiving Theme Pinterest board for more great ideas!

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