Friday, 28 November 2014

DIY Knitting Needles

As part of her handwork lessons this year, I had B make her own knitting needles.  This is a great introduction to learning to knit and its a fun and inexpensive little project.  These would also make great gifts for the knitters in your life!

DIY knitting needles

You will need...
1/4 inch dowel rod (makes approx. size 10 needles)
sand paper, coarse, medium and fine
natural wax or oil
Small embellishment for the ends

Step 1
Cut your dowel rod into two 10 inch pieces.

Step 2
Use the coarse sand paper to sand one end of each piece into a point. Try to ensure that the tip is even all the way around and that it doesn't begin to abruptly.  You don't want your yarn getting stuck when knitting.   Remember, you don't want the point to be too sharp!

This step can take a while but it's a great way to exercise patience.

Step 3
Once you are happy with the point you've made, use the medium sand paper over the entire tip.

Step 4
Use the fine sand paper over the entire piece to smooth it all out.

Step 5
Finish the wood with your wax or oil. We used a block of beeswax that I had left over. Rub it into the wood and then buff it with a cloth or rag.

Step 6
Use a hot glue gun to attach an embellishment to the top end of the needle.  B chose to use acorn hats.

Step 7
You're finished! Go knit something awesome!

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  1. What a neat idea!! I would never have thought to make my own knitting needles! I know at least one of my kids who is going to love this tutorial ;)


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