Tuesday, 18 November 2014

20 Non-stuff Gift Ideas (for the Minimalists on your Christmas List)

A few years ago, I shared our strategies for having a minimalist Christmas.  This year we're having to scale it back even more since the kids and I (that's FIVE people) are living in one bedroom.  We're a little low on space and there just isn't room for more stuff.

I think we can all benefit from having less stuff but buying gifts that don't involve actual things can be difficult.

So for all of you out there struggling with what to buy for the minimalists on your Christmas list (or for those of you who are just looking for something different) here's a good list to get you going.

The gift of a new experience.  
  • a trip to the zoo or aquarium
  • an art class
  • tickets to a play
  • passes to a museum
  • movie tickets
  • dance classes
  • tickets to a sports game
The gift of quality time.
I like to make coupons to give for this one.  At least they have something to open AND they can cash it in at their convenience. Just don't forget to actually make it happen!
  • go to the spa 
  • a day of baking cookies together
  • take them out for dinner
  • a sleepover
A gift of service. 
  • bring them meals for a week. 
  • help wash their car.
  • help organize their closets or basement
  • offer an evening of free babysitting

The gift of helping others. 
  • make a donation in the gift receiver's name 
  • volunteer at a local soup kitchen together 

The gift of prayer or good thoughts. 
  • commit to pray for them for the year
  • send them some warm fuzzies: write down all the things you love about the gift receiver and give it to them.  It's guaranteed to make them feel good. (There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for jazzing this up..like this, for example).
  • "Open When" letters

This is just the beginning.  The possibilities for non-stuff gifts really are endless once you start thinking about it! It just takes some readjusting of the way you think about gifts.

The bloggers of iHomeschool Network have teamed up to bring you more great gift guides!  Click the image below.

Do you have any other "non-stuff" gift ideas to share?

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